New tillage range for vineyard

In 2017 the French manufacturer Agrisem, specialized in simplified cultural techniques, launches a new tillage range for vineyard. Agrisem technologies developed for farming for long years will be implemented and adapted for vineyard.
This range offers soil looseners, disc harrows, “one pass cultivators” combining blades and discs but also tools powered by PTO.

True to retracted point blades
For work in depth two types of soil loosener were developed in this new range.
The Combivigne, a combinable soil loosener designed to go between the tractor and a power harrow, for example.
Combinable soil loosener Combivigne
The Cultivigne, a solo soil loosener equipped with  a Ø400 cage roller.

Solo soil loosener Cultivigne
Both tools have many common features:  they are both fitted with a single- beam frame 120x120 mm holding blades with retracted point. These blades are recognized in the farming field for the “wave effect”, that allows to loosen the soil from 10 to 25 cm deep without disturbance of horizons and with less power requirement than a traditional soil loosener. Combivigne and Cultivigne frames enable a working width ranging from 1,20 m to 2,20 m  equipped with 2, 3 or 4 blades, depending  on the working width selected. A “version +” allows to add one blade on the Cultivigne.frame.

Discs harrows for a quick superficial work

AGRISEM offers two types of Disc-O-Vigne which are particularly suitable to perform  superficial  work . Working width from 1,2 m to 2,2 m:

-          Version in X with 9, 13 or 17 discs depending on the working width selected  and a pair of lateral disc coulters allowing to stabilize the machine and  limit the earth flow on  vines shoots.

-          Version in V with 12, 16 or 20 discs depending on the working width and side disc allowing to limit the earth flow on  vines shoots , decrease the size of the machine and  its weight.

The Disc-O-Vigne is fitted with Mulchers discs Ø510 and SR hubs without lubrification. Discs are fixed on 3D security system with percussion spring 35x35 allowing a good penetration in the soil even in dry conditions. Positive pan and working angle of discs is optimal for a quick tillage until 10 cm depth with a small tractor power. To facilitate end of field maneuvers and reduce the loads on the lift, a hydraulic cylinder raises the rear of the disc harrow in order to bring the center of gravity of the machine closer to the tractor. In option, Disc-O-Vigne could be fitted with 1, 2 or 3 front blades allowing to stabilize the machine and to loosen the soil where wheels of tractor and/or high clearance tractor are passed. An extension kit with 4 discs is also available in option, to increase the initial working width of the machine by 40 cm for vineyards with 2 different widths of vine.

High performance solutions for tillage in vineyard
In addition to the soil looseners and disc harrows, power harrows (Activigne and Rotavigne) are available in the new AGRISEM vineyard range. A new tillage solution for vineyard is also proposed by AGRISEM with the Maxivigne, a “one pass cultivator” combining blades and discs.
AGRISEM has a significant experience in tillage field, especially in farming field.  While developing this new vineyard range, the manufacturer aims to propose winemakers all technological solutions developed by the brand for long years (retracted point blades, 3D security, Mulcher discs …).
Power harrows Activigne