Graduated fertilization

BREDAL F8 and F10 are BREDAL´s trailed fertilizer spreaders designed for professional use and meant to meet the according requirements for effectivity and profitability. F8 and F10 are constructed to support such functions as graduated fertilization, headland spreading, spreading in wedges, residual spreading and start and stop at headland.

F8/F10 in the standard version is prepared for ISOBUS with a newly designed and thoroughly tested software.

F8 and F10 can be equipped with weighing cells, which means that the spreader controls the dosage ensuring its correctness in comparison with the required amount encoded. Moreover, there is an in-built tilt sensor regulating the dosage in the hilly terrain.

The spreader is equipped with 2 bottom conveyors operated independently from each other which allows to dose different amounts on the right and on the left sides.

In downchutes operation software there is an in-built automatic flow correction, so that the positon of downchutes automatically adjusts itself to the actual emitted amount, in practice it means that no changes occur in the spreading pattern no matter the amount.

F8/F10 can be delivered with different tyres and track widths.

Plastic mudguards, hopper extension, different types of covers and more are available as additional equipment.

The capacity of F8 hopper in basic version is 5700 liters. The capacity of F10 hopper in basic version is 6600 liters.