Tillage and sowing Agrisem





Tillage and sowing machines AgrisemIn 2009 our comapny became the exclusive importer for Czech Republic in the field of machinery renowned French manufacturer AGRISEM INTERNATIONAL.

The concept of AGRISEM machine is based on a universal modular system that allows you to combine individual machines and a work operation to achieve the highest performance at the lowest cost. All machines are massive structures determined even in our harsh conditions for long-term use, are easy to use and simple to maintain. Machines available on the market today cover most requirements of farmers farming optimal soil conditions. However in practice, there are not many "optimal " situations - and the more you move away from the " optimal " , the more obvious are advantages of AGRISEM. The materials used and robust profiles are ideal for very dry, hard and stony soil. The current results of field testing and field operations nationwide have shown surprisingly good results even on heavy clay, actually extremely sticky soils. This made the machine AGRISEM sought after among French farmers and slowly gaining on our farmers a good position.

Exceptional machine for our fields are deep plow CULTIPLOW and COMBIPLOW that will convince exceptional results in collection of torrential precipitation and root development. Modular system disc cultivators Disc-O-Mulch with unique shape tines, patented disc and storing massive frame has already proved its strengths while working on compaction stubble with a large proportion of organic matter, enthused its users and the settlement of land before the spring sowing. Seeders Disc-O-Sem or Combi-O-Sem achieve high daily performances in aggregation is weaker performance- tractors. Thus planting with regularly spaced plants were visibly healthier and more vital. With the machine AGRISEM you can obtain premium and economic processing the soil. Thanks to its sophisticated design significantly reduces the requirements for tensile strength and thus saves your fuel costs.

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