Ploughs and subsoilers MORO Aratri

Mounted plough Warrior


Mounted plough for in furrow operations with hydraulic furrow width adjustment. From 2 to 6 furrow.

Semi mounted plough Dragon


Semi mounted plough for on land & in furrow operations with hydraulic or mechanical furrow width adjustment. From 4 to 9 furrow.

Subsoiler Spider


Subsoiler line.  Available with 5 or 7 shanks.

Pluhy a dlátové pluhy Moro AratriEstablished November 5th, 1957, by the family Moro, MORO Aratri is a modern enterprise which developed knowledge, unique technical skills and specific technologies in the engineering field applied to agriculture. However, the governance has internalized the family business values transmitted by the founders. Over the years, the company has been able to innovate its product, trying to meet the needs of the Italian agricultural sector, which is characterized by an heterogenous demand. In fact, both the land configuration and the extraordinary variety of the Italian agricultural products require ploughs with unique features, ranging from light operations for the rice fields to 1 meter depth ploughing.