Mounted plough Warrior

Mounted plough Moro Aratri Warrior

It is the innovative line of mounted ploughs, equipped with hydraulic working width adjustment, available in versions with 2 to 6 bodies. Advanced CAD software is used for design and structural analysis of these machines, with simulated performance and fatigue testing. The chassis of the Warrior plough, like all the other structural parts, is made of special steel, with a very high yield load.

Equipped with a unique hydraulic width adjustment, the Warrior ploughs allow the operator to determine and set the working width, according to different soil and climatic conditions. Each body can be continuously and simultaneously adjusted from 25 cm to 70 cm, maintaining the correct alignment and tilt of the working bodies. The Hydraulic adjustment can be used during the working stage, in order to facilitate finishing operations on fields of irregular shape, when ploughing headlands or working around obstacles such as trees or telephone poles etc.

Mounted plough Moro Aratri Warrior

The MORO Aratri non-stop security system, protects the plough from damages when a body encounters an obstacle. This ensures a safe ploughing in stony soils. The release is soft and without shocks, with a reduction of force as the leg rises. The triggering pressure is adjustable, thus allowing the ploughing both in tenacious and light soils, avoiding the extraction of stones.

Mounted plough Moro Aratri Warrior

The patented working and transport system for ploughs which definitively resolves the problem of road safety. TRANSPORT SYSTEM is available both hydraulic or mechanical.

Mounted plough Moro Aratri Warrior

It is the folding system invented by MORO Aratri. Available on request, not only it reduces the longitudinal encumbrance of the plough during transport, it also allows to significantly lighten the load on the tractor lift system.

Mounted plough Moro Aratri Warrior




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