Semi mounted plough Dragon

Semi mounted plough Moro Aratri Dragon

It is the new generation of semi mounted plough for on land and in furrow operations, available in versions with 4 to 9 bodies. Advanced software is used for design and structural analysis of these machines, with simulated performance and fatigue testing. The chassis of the DRAGON plough, like all the other structural parts, is made of special steel, with a very high yield load. Coupling of the elements are made by bolts, avoiding welded joints, and all the movements are made with pins and bushing with special anti-wear treatment.

The wheel is a fundamental element of the Dragon plough. Not only it serves as resting point for transport, but also it is the load bearing fulcrum during ploughing and turning of the plough. The working depth is adjustable by a 2 functions hydraulic jack with memory, and it can be changed directly from the tractor. Hydraulic actuations of the wheel for maneuvers in headland or road transport, do not change the pre selected working depth.

Semi mounted plough Moro Aratri Dragon

On request, the Dragon ploughs can be equipped with an hydraulic system which allows ploughing both on land and in furrow. The geometry and the wide excursion permits a considerable distance from the furrow and so, it is possible to work with large tractors.

Semi mounted plough Moro Aratri Dragon

While transporting, the plough is positioned centrally, and the 2 cylinders are also equipped with a manual valve for additional safety. On request, it is possible to add the marker boards and lighting.

Semi mounted plough Moro Aratri Dragon

The Dragon plough is equipped with a strong main beam which supports the working mouldboards. The PLUS version, available in version with 4 to 5 bodies, has a oversized beam, in order to match very high power tractors.

Semi mounted plough Moro Aratri Dragon


The Dragon W. is available in version from 4 to 9 bodies. By means of a double acting hydraulic cylinder, it is possible to adjust the working width continuously while working, remaining comfortably seated in the driver's seat. The rotating movement of the system is entrusted to special mono-blocks in steel, without joints or welds, which hold special anti-wear bushings, ensuring high durability.

Semi mounted plough Moro Aratri Dragon


Equipped with the mechanical furrow width adjustment, the Dragon S. ploughs allow the operator an accurate setting, according to different soil and climatic conditions. Available in version from 5 to 9 bodies, the plough is also provided with all the necessary adjustments for the perfect match and alignment to the tractor:
• First body adjustment
• Hydraulic depth adjustment of the rear wheel
• Vertical tilt adjustment

The Dragon S. system has four pre determined positions in order to adjust the furrow width. The adjustment is made by moving the fixing bolts.

Semi mounted plough Moro Aratri Dragon




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