Mobile bottling line

On Wednesday, April 10th 2019, the mobile bottling line has been handover to the customer BS Vinarske potreby s.r.o. The handover took a place during  filling of the wine in the winery KOLBY a.s. in Pouzdrany. The company BS Vinařské potřeby s.r.o. was considering purchasing of mobile bottling line for wine 7 years ago. At the beginning of 2018 they approached our company with a more specific idea of ​​what criteria their mobile line should meet. The customer-tailored project has been realized throughout the year, mainly thanks to the precise and excellent work of our technicians.

For a custom-made trailer made in Austria has been design the layout of the filling machine GAI and automatic sleeking machine GAI along with other technologies to ensure that the bottled wine is of the same quality as it was prepared by the winemaker for bottling. It ensures the micro-filtration of the  water with ozonation which provides the bottle disinfected before filling, a nitrogen generator for filling the bottle with nitrogen which ensures minimal contact of the bottled wine with air. A part of the nitrogen generator there is a source of sterile air which is further used for further functions of the filling machine GAI and sleeking machine GAI. The mobile bottling line is equipped with a screw pump with continuous regulation for wine distribution, 2 sheet filters and a device for carbonation using CO2 or other gas. A 16 kW steam generator is integrated for the sanitation of filling machine GAI. The special trailer is equipped with independent air suspension.

With this technology the company BS Vinarske potreby s.r.o.  is able to offer its customers the mobille filling service with output up to 3.000 liters per hour, closing with cork or screw cap and the capsuling of the bottle.

We wish a lot of satisfied customers and millions of perfect filled bottles. Thank you for your confidence.