Pneumatic seed drill Mascar Maxi-5

Pneumatic seed drill Mascar Maxi-5

With MAXI-5 continues the evolution of the MAXI element.The strong structure, the high distributor and the double opening disc grant productivity and precision with all types of seeds used in the various soil surfaces, even with subsidence and crop residues. Suitable for planting both on a ploughed field and on a ground with minimum preparation only. It permits to maintain the preset seeding depth. The transmission by chain is a further warranty of reliability and uniformity of the seeds distribution on the row.


  • Maxi PRE - Press seed wheel
  • Independent side level wheels
  • Easy regulation lever for compression wheels, width adjustable too
  • Press seed wheels, variable in dimension and position
  • Sowing disc in stainless steel 1,2 mm thick, resistant and easy to replace
  • Bronze selector perfectly fitting the disc
  • The DERIN seal gasket and the bearing disk of big dimensions
  • Sowing depth adjustment by knob with graduated indicator: very simple and precise
  • Row cut-off device
  • Fertilizer available in three capacities (lt) and installed according with the model: hopper of 90 lt. with one outlet; hopper of 227 lt. with two and three outlets; hopper of 290 lt. with three outlets
  • Big capacity hopper with big loading mouth, low loading surface and usage field from 50 kg/ha to 700 kg/ha (in function to density)
  • Fertilizer coulters are available according with the soil type: share ones for traditional grounds or disk ones for grounds with waste of previous cultivation or almost impenetrable
  • Stainless steel microgranulator with hopper from 12 lt (or 27). High precision of distribution and easy regulation


  • Narrow depth wheels 400x65
  • Farmflex wheel + cover seed
  • Cutter maximum depth MAXI-5
  • Set 60 litres tank
  • Fertilizer transmission continuous gear
  • Big microgranulator tank with capacity 25 lt (stainless steel)
  • Front wheels 20.0”
  • Adjustable couple of wheels 5.00/15
  • P.T.O. shaft 1000 tours/min
  • Rotary star residual spreader (MAXI-5)
  • Front cover seed for MAXI-5
  • Front disc opener for MAXI-5
  • Press seed wheel kit for MAXI-5
  • Coulter for dry soils
  • Wavy front disc d. 465
  • Scraper
  • Couple of wheels 6,5-80/15
  • Hydraulic transmission kit
  • Additional spring pressure element
  • Couple of share furrows only for fixed frameor single telescopic
  • Lights kit





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