Sprayers Hardi


A Danish industrial fairy-tale 

The HARDI idea started in 1957, when Hartvig Jensen established the company. He was a gardener and needed a quality sprayer. After a few years the company expanded horticulturally and invested in large production facilities outside Copenhagen. The HARDI sprayers were soon retailed not only to Danish, but also European farmers, and the company expanded rapidly. The Danish company HARDI INTERNATIONAL A/S is the world's largest manufacturer of sprayers and spraying equipment, focusing on the need for effective, accurate and precise crop protection HARDI product range is very wide. Sprayers are made as self-propelled, trailed, liftmounted, all amenity, power & handhelds and mistblowers. This range includes conventional field sprayers and air assisted sprayer. The group also includes HARDI brand: EVRARD, POMMIER, ILEMO and COOPER PEGLER.

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