Spraying Hardi

New video HARDI

Check out the new video HARDI! You will see the presentation of the company HARDI and the product range of spraying technology HARDI. 3 minutes of pure HARDI for you to look at!

The filling and labeling technology GAI in winery Vino Hruska

Written about us

The editor of the czech magazine Vinar Sadar made an interview with the representatives of winery Vino Hruska. You can read more about the filling and labeling technology GAI which is used in their winery.

Self-propelled sprayer HARDI

Written about us

In the September issue of the magazine the Agrarian horizon there has been an article published. It’s about self-propelled sprayer HARDI ALPHA evo which our company supplied to the company ZAS Nivnice...

The system of the regulation - DynamicFluid4


The HARDI's DynamicFluid4 regulation system has received 3 major awards at the exhibitions AGROMEK, TechAgro and SIMA. With its 4-sensor technology and no leakage design, DynamicFluid4 results in faster...

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