Baler Mascar for the Kladruber

When you say Pomoravi, it's the gateway to South Moravia with beautiful pine forests, meadows, pastures and production land. And in this area there is a stud of family farm Dobrovsky which is specializes in breeding the Kladruber horses in Vacenovice.

The family built a stud farm in the quiet zone of the village. The family continue in the tradition of breeding the Kladruber horses in neighboring Vracov and continues to maintain the gene pool of horses of the National Stud Kladruby nad Labem, which is one of the oldest stud farms in the world. It is not without interest that several horses from the breeding of the Dobrovsky family are also used by czech security forces, specifically in Ostrava.
Currently there are about 50 horses of the meontined breed, for the stud there are about 30 hectares of pastures and paddocks available. In order to secure the feed base, Mr. Dobrovsky harvested another 70 hectares of alfalfa bulky fodder in the form of hay, and therefore it was necessary to solve the modernization of the harvesting line including the baler. “After initial thinking about buying an older baler, the dealer from UNIMARCO a.s visited us and offered a baler Mascar. Thanks to mutual consultation and professional approach, we agreed that the best choice would be the Mascar Monster 770 Smart baler with variable chamber. "
The fact that the family Dobrovsky made the right decision is proved by the results of their work, almost a month has passed since the handover of the baler in June 2019 and 1200 pieces of bales of perfectly compressed hay and straw were made.
"The horse is a beautiful animal and even nicer when it stands next to a baler with a horse in a logo" ​​says the satisfied owner Mr. Dobrovsky.


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