Balers, wrappers and seed drills Mascar

Round balers Mascar


Fixed chamber or variable chamber round balers

Bale wrappers Mascar


Mounted or trailed bale wrappers


Pneumatic seed drills Mascar


Precision planters drill

Seed drills Mascar


Mechanical seed drills for cereal and small seeds

MASCAR - ENJOY THE ITALIAN STYLE Balers, wrappers and seed drills Mascar

Mascar S.p.a. is a manufacturer specialised on Haying and Seeding fields, producing a complete range of round balers, wrappers, pneumatic and mechanical planters. In our two factories, located few meters far from each other, on a total surface of 27.000 sqm. we produce the 95% of our equipment granting a high quality control on all the machine’s parts: assembly, laser cut, bending and welding tools, painting station and automatization of spare parts warehouse make our product trustable and reduce our lead time for a great satisfaction of our customers. Our engineering team are studying daily how to increase the field performances of our products, looking at the last technology on both environmental impact and time saving. At the present time our company exports 80% of its turnover in more than 35 foreign countries.

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