Mounted spreaders Bogballe

Fertiliser spreaders Bogballe M-line

Fertiliser spreaders

Working width: 10 - 42 m
Capacity: 0 - 5.550 L

Fertiliser spreaders Bogballe L-Line

Fertiliser spreaders

Workind width: 10 - 24 m
Capacity: 0 - 2.050 L

Salt and sand spreaders Bogballe S-Line

Salt and sand spreaders

Workind width: 10 - 42 m
Capacity: 0 - 5.550 L


BOGBALLE - "Made in Denmark" Mounted fertiliser spreaders Bogballe

Back in 1934, Bogballe's founder Anders Peter Laursen, started production of poultry farm equipment in the village of Bøgballe. In the early 1950s focus was shifted to the production of the well-known blue fertiliser spreaders. It was the start of a worldwide export, which has provisionally brought us to about 100 countries. Today, 65 highly skilled employees work at the factory. We still produce all parts at the factory in Bøgballe, and can therefore still designate our products as "Made in Denmark". Bogballe A/S is owned by Erhvervsinvest, which through active ownership is committed to maintaining and further developing Bogballe as a technology leader in mineral fertiliser spreaders.


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