Lime and fertiliser spreaders Bredal

SIMPLE, PRECISE AND RELIABLELime and fertiliser spreaders Bredal

For more than 50 years we have been producing high quality lime and fertilizer distributors for agricultural use. Our goal is to build machinery that is high in quality, robust and simple to handle. In recent years, we have expanded our product line to include winter equipment in the form of sand and salt spreaders. In most of the countries to which Bredal exports the company’s interests are handled by a local importer. These importers provide technical support and service and sell the products of the Bredal brand. Today we have 2 factories, in Bredal and Bredballe near Vejle.


  • The solid, robust, modular construction: long life even in very difficult conditions and intensive use
  • One machine can handle three types of work operations: fertilizer spreading, limestone spreading, transportation and grain transfer
  • Precise spreading pattern at all doses, spreading in spreading pattern: each square meter of land is covered 4x
  • High capacity: for fertilizers up to 400 kg/min, for lime up to 1500 kg/min
  • One size discs for spreading of fertilizer with 12 - 36m range, no additional equipment for changing of working width or dose
  • Very easy to operate, simple and fast setting: only one dosing table for all materials
  • Simple and very precise headland spreading
  • All BREDAL spreads can be controlled by GPS computers: the computer is also compatible with other systems
  • Hopper made from stainless steel or painted steel
  • All painted parts on Bredal spreaders are painted with 2 layers of powder paint which gives a strong surface, a good corrosion protection and a beautiful finish.
  • Already in standard there are many stainless steel parts
  • Already in the standard, BREDAL has plenty of equipment

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