Trailed spreaders Bredal

Spreaders Bredal K-Series


  • Working width 12-36 metres
  • 8 modeles with a capacity 2.500 až 19.400 liters
  • Single-axle or two-axle version
  • Possibility of 12m augers
  • 2 types of spreading discs
  • Drive of spreading discs with V-belts

K-series is a combined lime and fertilizer spreader, requiring only change of discs and chutes to complete transformation from lime to fertilizer spreader. Floor belt of full width ensures constant supply of material to 2 big spreading discs which distribute with 4-double overlap. K-series is designed with focus on durable construction for high dynamic accuracy, optimal operational reliability and strength.

Spreaders Bredal F-Series


  • Working width 24-36 metres
  • 2 models with a capacity of 5.700 - 6.600 liters
  • Possibility of section control of working width
  • Separated dosage for the right and left drive
  • Hydraulic drive of spreading discs

The BREDAL F8/F10 versions of fertilizer spreaders are ISOBUS prepared. These spreaders are similar built to the other well known BREDAL spreaders with a floorbelt application, which means only one dose chart for all fertilizer types. All is included in this series of spreader. This means weightcells, headland and wedge spreading. On top of all this they hav a built in tilt sensor which aligns the deviations that might occur when driving in hilly conditions. Furthermore the downshutes that lead the fertilizer down to the spread discs are dymaically adjusted due to foreward speed, application and working width for the best possible distribution of fertilizer of the full working width.

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