Pneumatic seed drill Mascar Futura-5

Pneumatic seed drill Mascar Futura-5

Simple but strong, suitable for well-prepared soils. Low distributor element that, thanks to the shoe opener grants optimal seeding even on very hard soils, and in conditions of humidity. Furthermore, its strength and easiness foresee just minimum maintenance intervals.


  • Wide inspection window for the correct regulation of the quantity of seeds
  • Distributor cover equipped with brush and seed ejector
  • Bronze toothed selector adjustable on 20 positions, to avoid double sowing
  • Parallelogram element mounted on self-lubricating bushing, robust and resistant
  • Progressive regulation of the weight, with double spring
  • Strong share clods with double vertical adjustment
  • Possibility to set a front double disc
  • Sowing depth adjustment by knob with graduated indicator: very simple and precise
  • Resistant plastic seed hopper with big capacity


  • “Short” type cover seed
  • Kit for rubber wheels at“V” shape 2” FUTURA
  • Fertilizer transmission continuous gear
  • Big microgranulator tank with capacity 25 lt (stainless steel)
  • Front wheels 20.0”
  • Adjustable couple of wheels 5.00/15
  • P.T.O. shaft 1000 tours/min
  • Cutter maximum depth FUTURA
  • Wavy front disc d. 465
  • Scraper
  • Couple of wheels 6,5-80/15
  • Hydraulic transmission kit
  • Additional spring pressure element
  • Couple of share furrows only for fixed frameor single telescopic
  • Lights kit





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